Experiments in the Kitchen

Do you wanna be a scientist? Take your first steps with the Experiments in the Kitchen and have fun doing several experiences using things that you have in your kitchen!

Become a real scientist with the Experiments in the Kitchen for Kids!

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Find out how to:
- Use lemons to switch on a LED;
- Write and discover fantastic secret messages using food;
- Extract DNA from fruit and make a candle with orange peels;
- Identify the presence of starch in food;
- Use the reagents you find in the kitchen to make fun scientific experiments.

This toy also includes up to 50 experiments for kids as well as an educational book with 36 pages.

Kit content:

- Protective gloves
- Protective goggles
- Balloons
- Round paper filters
- Pasteur pipettes
- Beaker
- Test tubes with lid
- Black cardboards
- Paper clip
- Screw
- Tincture of iodine
- Woollen string
- Wooden stick
- Test tube rock
- Green and red food colouring
- Connecting wires with crocodile clips
- Wooden spatulas
- Cards for secret messages
- Funnel
- Small measuring cups
- Lid for small measuring cups
- Modelling wires
- Straws
- Volcano mould
- Zinc plates
- Petri dish
- Paintbrush